You’ve found your way past my blog and you want to know a little more about me! My name is Vicki Pugliese You can find me on Twitter @VickiPugliese and on the public Facebook Group at IntrospectiveSojourner. I also hang out on Twitter at #ontheporch with some really great people who are a lot like me. Or the Historical Novel Society – Northern California on Facebook who are an amazing and helpful group –  for those interested in Historical Novels.

I’m a wife, mother of four and grandmother of four who makes a living as a SQL developer. I am from the coolest small town in the world, Titusville Pennsylvania. The home of the first oil well… EVER!  Titusville also claims the hoola-hoop as it’s own invention as well as the home town of John Heisman, of that football trophy thing. All of that is super cool, but the people of Titusville are what make me call it home. If you love architecture, you can’t find more amazing homes and buildings in a single area, I guarantee it. A quick drive down Main Street and you will be in love with my hometown too.

More about me?  Well I’m pretty eclectic! I enjoy almost all creative outlets. I paint with oils and acrylics and have for nearly twenty years now. Yes, I have been making a mess for that long! I’m totally rocking the Bob Ross happy little trees! I make jewelry, multi-media crafts and torture poor little yard sale furniture pieces. I bore easily, as you might have guessed, but I don’t tire easily!

I’ve served in the U.S. Navy – you’re welcome – and married a fellow sailor. Too slow girls! We love our pets and seem to have way too many most of the time. We like unusual ones too. We’ve had horses and birds and various rodents along with dogs and cats.  If it’s furry, I love it.

I’ve lived in Titusville, our nation’s capital, Hawaii, Washington State and now in Northern California. I do like the lack of bugs here in California, I must admit.

Now I am delving into the scary world of author. It’s the most exciting and terrifying thing I have ever done!


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SHADES OF BLUES; Into a Fractured Mind

Available on Amazon.Com and Kindle on March 24th, 2018

When tragedy happens unexpectedly, it changes everything.

Eloise and Grant’s fairytale life is shattered overnight by a cruel and heartbreaking misfortune. They are the perfect couple, loving, in love, and living the American dream. Their son’s devastating diagnosis turns their life into something unrecognizable, as Eloise descends into bitter darkness. Grant,  afraid there is nothing he can do to change her decline, turns to his faith.

North Warren, a premier mental institution, driven by success, doggedly pursues cutting edge treatments. Morally unshackled from a need to do the right thing, or patient care, the institution resorts to experimentation on its patients, who are helpless to fight back.  After all, who would believe the claims of the delusional?

Plunging with a vengeance into the horror that few have survived, Eloise finds herself trapped in a life she can’t escape from.  With sheer determination and ingenuity, Eloise leaves herself clues. Can she survive the cruel experimental treatments of a 1950’s mental institution? Will Grant’s love, and a single staff member’s changed heart, be enough to save her from this nightmare place before there is nothing left to save? Eloise needs to find away soon or all her memories of their son will be gone?

SHADES OF BLUES; Into a Fractured Mind will take you on a ride through blissful highs and heartbreaking lows.  Flash back to the 1950’s in this dramatic period piece, set in a small Pennsylvanian town.  Based on actual events, SHADES OF BLUES; Into a Fractured Mind is an incredibly powerful and compelling story filled with suspense, grace and redemption. It delves deep into the topics of mental illness, forced institutionalization, and the treatments used in the late fifties as well as the tragedy of losing a child to a slow and painful terminal illness.




THE LIGHT AND DARK OF IT picks up where SHADES OF BLUES leaves off following Grant and Eloise as they struggle with her continuing mental illness. Eloise’s fear of having more children conflicts with Grant’s desire to return to that fairytale life they once knew.  But how do you judge someone else’s mental stability?  How can you live a normal life when everyone around you is scrutinizing your every move, afraid your mental health might be deteriorating? How can Eloise and Grant find that fairytale life without trust?
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