In the stillness of the morning,
A mist covers the land like a blanket.
A hush enchants the garden,
The earth still sleeps.

Light tickles at the horizon,
Washing out the grey of dawn.
The garden fragrance fills the air
You are there alone.

Waiting, expecting…
Still I sleep.

Morning erupts in glory,
Brilliant hues paint the sky.
Birds softly begin the symphony,
You prepared for me.

Creation waits for your voice,
To respond in awe of your majesty.
Praise woven in the tapestry of its blooms,
Still you wait for me.

I tarry for lies and excuses,
You never judge.

Precious moments wasted,
Time better spent in your presence.
The morning gifts to me fading,
Will I come?

Time slips through my fingers,
Choices dwindle away.
Your voice gently calls to me.
It stirs within my heart.

Your gentle love unending
My meager praise bereft.

Vicki L. Pugliese