I know.  I’ll surely take flak for this.  Jane Austen, Lizzy was the wrong girl to be the protagonist!  For years now little girls, grown girls for that matter, including my own, have dreamed about being Lizzy.  Having a Mr Darcy fall head over heals for them.  If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie at least, stop reading, and go watch the movie. This post will make no sense without it. Now for those of you who are still with me. I propose that the true person little girls should all want to be, the person that they should try to emulate is NOT Elizabeth Bennett but rather Jane Bennett!  Elizabeth is quick to judge, very suspicious, and actually kind of a capricious girl.  Now I do like that she stands up to the old bat, Mr Darcy’s Aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who obviously has overstepped her bounds and is a terrible person.  But Elizabeth is pretty judgmental herself of her cousin, her younger sisters, her mother, and even Mr Bingley ‘s sisters.  Now granted all of these people have faults.  I’m going to speculate all people have faults.  I know. Shocking really.  But Elizabeth just finds certain people tiresome.  Jane on the other hand basically can’t be brought to suspect ill of anyone.  Surely she must misunderstand the situation.  But not finding fault in people is not Jane’s  character’s flaw.  No!  Her flaw is being so shy that she can’t even show her sister her true emotions.  If it weren’t for that flaw, her and Mr Bingley would have gotten together at the top of the story.  Most likely so would have Elizabeth and Mr Darcy.  But Jane’s character’s ability to see only the good and only to hope for the best intentions, is a character worth a thousand Mr. Bingleys!  Why little girls everywhere aren’t naming their little girls “Jane”, I do not understand!  Here is a character we should all want to be more like.  Because Jane was just as beautiful inside as she was supposed to be outside.  I want to grow up to be a Jane!  I want to always assume that i just don’t understand the situation, and think the very best of everyone I meet.  How about you?

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