At a women’s retreat one year the leader suggested we find someplace or somewhere or something we go to at least on a daily basis, or one you do more often is even better, and make it your prayer alter.  She had a small baby and made her changing table hers.  Everytime she changed a diaper she said prayers of thanksgiving.  We have horses.  Truly a gift I am grateful for, like our leader was grateful for her child.  Not very many people get to have pasture pets in their back yard.  Like kids they are a big commitment financially and of your time and heart.  And like babies, actually more like a great big three year olds, they behave badly, and win your heart in the blink of an eye.  Since we still had to muck their stalls each day, I made that my prayer alter.  Each day I started my prayer in this manner.  “Dear Lord, thank you for all of this crap.  Thank you for the wonderful animals I am blessed to have in my life, that made all this crap that I now have to pick up.  Thank you for the pitch fork between me and all that crap that I have to pick up.  And the wheel barrel so I don’t have to carry it. Thank you for enough space between our house and where we put the crap.  Thank you for this home… ”  From there we would pray only thanksgiving until our chores were done.  Out loud.  Everyday.  Because everyday, crap happens.  I highly suggest you find a daily prayer alter.  Something to remind you to start your prayers of Thanksgiving.  And don’t forget to be grateful for the big stick between you and the crap!  Thank God for the stick!