She slid quietly into the back pew

There more out of duty and family pressure.

Doubts had sprouted like weeds

Life had stolen her hope and her faith.

But the saints had gathered to worship that day

The faith of many filled the little church to overflowing.

She was closed down and unplugged the best she could,

In her heart she said, “Where is God anyway?”

And the Lord himself sat down beside her,

Collecting her in His arms, He gently whispered, “I’m right here”.

She felt His presence instantly, her heart heard his words,

Breathing hope into her weary soul, reviving her faith.

Try as she may she could not explain away His presence

The sermon hadn’t been particularly inspiring.

She had refused to sing the worship songs,

You can’t throw a proper temper tantrum if you are singing.

There was no other explanation but God,

And there in the little church, in that moment, everything changed.

A lost lamb had been found.


By Vicki L. Pugliese