What did I do today, Lord?

The day rushed by so quickly, yet my list is not diminished.

So many little details, so many voices, all in need of my attention.

I started my day thinking I should pick up that bible, spend time with you.

But something distracted me, and I made my way out the door without another thought.

How did I change, Lord?

I use to sing throughout my day, melodies of praise swimming in my thoughts just for you.

I would talk to you as I did my work, my tasks, my lists, you were part of everything I was.

Your words kept me company, our quiet time each morning set the stage for the day to come.

How did I lose you, Lord?

How did I fill the day with so many trivial things, that I pushed out the best part?

Tomorrow Lord, will I start with you, will I sing praises, will I include you?

Or will tomorrow be like today, somehow slipping by, without intention.


By Vicki L. Pugliese