walk softly into the woods, careful not to disturb,
absorbing all of the silence and the song.
breathe in the morning freshness, taste in it new life.
and as the trees engulf you, feel His peace.
walk softly into the woods, leaving behind your cares.
kneel beside the healing water that you seek.
let it wash away your burdens, rinse away your tears.
it will empty you of all that should not be.
walk softly into the woods; this your sanctuary.
drinking in the splendor of His creation,
see the touch of God on everything before you.
when the majesty embraces you, exhale.
walk softly into the woods in search of the Creator.
bask in what His love has made for you.
lift to Him thanksgiving, sing to Him His song.
you’ll be drawn into His presence when you do.
then walk softly from the woods, careful not to disturb,
taking with you all the gifts that He has given.
the memories and the fullness, they are yours to keep.
He has hidden them forever in your soul.

Vicki L. Pugliese